Working with you...

As a consultant and coach, I focus on two fundamental challenges common in the workplace - helping people deal with change and difference.

The Case for Change

The context for your work may be getting more unpredictable and uncertain. To remain viable, your organization and the individuals within it must develop agility and adaptability. You must be adept in adjusting your approach even as everything around you changes. The context has evolved – rather than thinking about separate “change projects”, you should be thinking about your approach to change in general – an approach you can rely on and fit to each and every circumstance.

The Case for Difference

Innovation is vital for sustainability – organizations cannot stay in “we’ve always done it this way” mode these days. But what is the way out of this rut? Diversity is a primary catalyst for innovation. People with disparate backgrounds and thinking styles coming together with their own unique set of gifts, insights, challenges, experiences and perspectives provide the spark for new ideas, new possibilities for the work at hand. To benefit from these ideas, organizations must develop and nurture a culture of inclusion that engages people across differences in meaningful, productive ways.

The Challenges

People often approach change or difference with apprehension and tension. There is a lot at stake, and there are many ways to begin. Avoidance doesn’t help. These are complex topics that cannot be understood in simple mechanistic ways. Complexity provides opportunities – you’ll be dealing with emergence, innovation, learning and adaptation.

You may have crucial decisions to make, lingering problems to solve, great new ideas to implement, unforeseen barriers (financial, regulatory, logistical) to overcome, diverse teams to facilitate, or opportunities emerging from surprising directions. You likely have a entangled mix of all of these.

I help you find practical approaches so that you can understand and respond to these challenges effectively.

The Alliance

When you call me in as a coach or consultant, we form an alliance for that project - joining skills and talents together. When the project is large, I call on associates in my extensive network to build the right alliance for you.